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Rachel Buller is a Qualified Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist working out of SBG Belfast. Rachel is also a member of SBG Belfast and actively competes and trains in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.


Coming from a professional sport-orientated family, along with parents highly qualified and active in the Medical and Physio professional fields, enables Rachel to fully understand the needs of all her clients when coming for Restoration, Relaxation and Rejuvenation through a passion that she throughly loves. 


what we offer


Includes a full postural anyalsis which will help to make the treatments more effective by targeting specfic muscle groups which may be casuing injuries.  

Using a range of techniques inculding Myofascial Release, Trigger Points,  Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energy Techniques, this massage is ideal for injuries and rehabilitation


Using firm pressure and longer more flowing strokes to manipulate the muscle tissue and focuses to reduce small areas of tensions, increase blood flow and breaking down adhesions in the muscle tissue.

Deep Tissue massage is also beneficial for reducing tension and even stress.


These massages are designed specfically for pre and post BJJ competition or MMA fight. Pre event massage is much lighter full body massage that is aimed at relaxing a fighter several days before a fight.

Post event massage is designed to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) it is a very light full body massage which will help to reduced tension, remove excess lactic acid and promote blood flow to the tissues. 




Massage can help to relax the muscle and connective tissues in the body this is especially beneficial pre and post competitions and MMA fights. It helps to increase the blood flow to the tissue which in turn helps to remove waste products. Also massage can help to relax the mind, reduce tension, stress and even aid in a better nights sleep.



Sports massage is a great way to become more contected with the body. The postural anaylsis can help to make you aware of what underlying issues may be causing injuries or areas that may become problematic in the future. It helps you to become more foucsed on looking after your body and ensuring that you stay injury free and training.



Rehabilitation and restoring the body after an injury can be a long process. Sports massage and deep tissue massage aids in this restoration through a range of techniques desgned for injury recover. This  ensures that you return to the mats stronger than before in both mind and body.


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Highly recommended.For the last month Rachel has been working to improve a shoulder injury, with her help I have achieved nearly full ROM and a significant reduction in pain. She has also identified areas of asymmetry within my body and has given me advice and exercise to correct the imbalances. If you are a sports person recovering from injury or simply wish to improve the vehicle then get in touch with her!

Damien Mulgrave

Head Coach & Founder , SBG Belfast

With working as a Yoga Teacher as well as being a daily member within SBG Belfast, massage is really crucial for my overall balance in leading a busy lifestyle and more importanntly physcial health. Rachel is absolutely brilliant in working on all needs that my body cries out for with her expertise and help. Always leave feeling zenned.  Highly recommend.

Kim MacKenzie

Yoga Teacher & Founder , Seventh Heaven

I had a massage from Rachel before my MMA fight it was unbelievable! Very relaxing made sure I was comfortable. Will be with her again.  5Star

Natasha Wolfe

Wimp 2 Warrior Competitor

Rachel is incredibly professional and skilled with her massage and assessments, I have begun to receive deep tissue work and already feel less restricted and have greater range of motion in the problem areas.

Wil Mac

S&C Coach , SBG Belfast

I have had several sport massages with Rachel. They have helped greatly with freeing up niggles I picked up through competition & hard training sessions. She is very professional and knowledgeable.

Ben Delbart

BJJ Coach , SBG Belfast


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