Frequently asked questions regarding SBG Belfast's Facilities, Classes and Programmes are covered below
How do I join SBG Belfast

If you are interested in joining SBG Belfast, you first must book an appointment for a free, no obligation one-on-one Consultation with one of our team.  

Once your Consultation is booked via our online booking system, we will confirm via email and include link to complete an online Consultation FormThis enables our Consultation Team to discuss what your training needs are and goals,  from this we will identify and advise what package is best suited for you.

You will receive an email reminder 24 hours before appointment date, during your Consultation we will  explain the programme in full, along with a giving you a chance to jump on the mat and try a class during your appointment. What to bring for class, will be outlined in all email confirmation. 

To book Consultation now, click here


How do I know what classes I need

A member of our Consultation Team will talk this through at your appointment based upon your Consultation Form being completed.


In addition to this, we encourage everyone to try a range of classes first off, to see what feels or fit best, also to mix up and taste variety.


SBG Belfast Coaches are always intently watching students in class too, they’re looking out for progression, and will advise what classes would be best suited for you if they feel you need them. 

What is the timetable for Classes & Programmes

At your Consultation appointment, one of the Team will go through the timetable according to your needs. Once you become a Member of SBG Belfast we then issue you a full timetable.

Should any changes occur of classes especially during seasonal holidays – all members are fully updated. 

What if I am a beginner to BJJ & MMA

At SBG Belfast we have a specifically tailored 12 Week Foundations Programme for Beginners.  Over the 12 weeks, you have two classes per week and we teach the absolute fundamental movements of BJJ, from self-defence to sport Ju-Jitsu.  If you want to learn the art of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu then this is a great way to begin your journey.  

We provide a free, no obligation one-on-one Consultation with one of the team to explain the programme in full along with a chance to jump on the mat and try a class during your appointment. To enquire about the next BJJ Foundations Programme click here

Is BJJ and MMA suitable for Women and Kids

Absolutely! Here are SBG Belfast we pride ourselves on being a family orientated Martial Arts Centre, where have classes & programmes that tailors for everyone, from 4 years upwards both female and male. 

For Kids: –

Growing Gorillas – A foundational learning programme to Brazilian Ju-Jitsu along with additional fun and seasonal development and team building activities happening throughout the year for example Nature Walks and Eco Activities, Halloween and Christmas parties. Ages are from 4-17 years old and classes are mixed with both boys and girls.  

Cheeky Monkeys – A fun foundational learning programme to Brazilian Ju-Jitsu for Children with Autism, a wonderful way to enable children to flourish in a safe environment that champion’s neuro diversity. Ages are from 4-17 years old and classed are mixed with both boys and girls. All coaches are trained in neuro diversity.  

Teens MMA/Ju-Jitsu – A superb foundational programme to Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts which includes grappling, striking and kick-boxing. This is for teenagers who are looking to progress their skills in more than one area of contact sports. Ages are from 13-17 years old and classes are mixed both boys and girls.  

For Ladies :

Ladies Classes –  A great Ladies only programme to Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. This is suitable for complete beginners and also those ladies who are progressing and aiming to compete. A supportive group that allow and help each other to grow together, which fits across our entire ethos and mission with SBG Belfast. Ages from 18+ years old.  

All other Adult Mixed Classes are suitable for Ladies,  currently we have female members who partake in MMA, Kickboxing, Muai Thai, Striking/Boxing and Wrestling. 


What do I wear or bring to training

All information for “What to Bring” is outlined for each class by clicking here.

When coming into SBG Belfast for an initial Consultation, we outline everything in the booking confirmation email beforehand for you to jump straight in and enjoy a class. 

With regards to Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, you don’t initially need to wear or buy a GI, as our classes and techniques are easily adapted for No-Gi, therefore shorts and a long sleeve top/t-shirt is fine to start with. If you’re going to progress, you will need to purchase a GISBG Belfast can help and provide with this, just ask at reception for sizes and prices. 

Do you have Shower and Changing Facilities

Yes we do! 

We have a two Changing Rooms, one Male, one Female.

We also have full Shower and Bathroom facilities, one Male, one Female

Access to Changing Rooms are fully secure for Members only with lockers also provided. 

What are Opening Hours

Mon – Fri 6am to 9pm

Sat – 10 am to 5 pm

Sun – 11 to 12 noon & 5 pm to 7 pm

I want to train to compete, how do I do this

Competing takes time, effort and most importantly commitment.

Depending on what you want to achieve and how well you progress, all of our SBG Belfast Coaches will endeavour to help your reach the goals of competition level.

We have One to One Private Coaching Sessions across all Mixed Martial Arts and should you wish to avail of working with one of SBG Belfast Coaches, you can do so once you are familiar with where you are going to compete and for what. 

How to I earn different belts in BJJ

This again is something that comes with time, effort and commitment.

It happens through two methods: –

1.The SBG Coaches and Head CoachDamien Mulgrave, identify Members that are consistently progressing within the club and stripes for BJJ can and will be earned on merit. 

2. Grading Competition Classes will occur, here you may be invited along. During this you shall be tested by technical ability and physical endurance. On that basis, stripes and belt grades will and do go up, based upon overall performance during the grading. 

What if I get injured and cannot train

In first immediate instance, all injuries or changes in health must be reported to a member of the Consultation Team or SBG Coach, this is for your well-being and safety during class. From this, we shall require an updated online medical record that we keep for you. 

If injury is minor or requires rehab, we have specific classes that will tailor and cater for your needs in addition to One to One Private Rehab Sessions in Mobility with Wil and Massage with Rachel

Ladies Only  – If pregnant, you will not be able to continue classes and we advise speaking to your GP or midwife beforehand. Please contact ASAP and will discuss membership to your requirements. 

If you need to freeze or change your Membership, please obtain a letter or note from your GP advising of such and we will deal with appropriately. 

If unsure about anything, contact us before class attendance via email here.





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